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Occupational Health Services

Employee health monitoring is an important part of hazard management. It provides an accurate baseline of the candidates current health status and ensures that the controls put in place for workplace exposures are sufficient. As recruitment costs rise and retention of trained staff becomes competitive, proactively managing employee well being is imperative. OH Well Occupational Health Services offers the following employee health monitoring services, either at our clinic or your premises.

Our Occupational Health Services Include:

Pre-employment health assessments

Pre-employment health assessments are tailored to your organisations hazards and the specific requirements of the job. It can include the following: health and injury history, physical capability assessment, grip strength testing, vision testing (including full keystones vision screen), blood pressure recording, hearing testing and lung function assessment. More specialized testing may include chest x-ray, urine and blood collection for heavy metals, hepatitis immunity, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, sleep apnoea and solvent exposure questionnaires. We can arrange for an occupational physician to review our medicals and provide you with an additional specialist report. Contact us for more details.

Hearing (Audiometry) Testing

It is recommended by the Approved Code for the Management of Noise (2002) that hearing tests should be completed at pre employment, annually and upon exiting a job where the daily exposure exceeds 85 dBa. OH Well can provide this service either by sending a nurse to your work site or using our sound proof booth at our clinic. OH Well has the most up to date testing equipment that is calibrated as per Standard – AS/NZS 1269.4:1998.

Lung Function (Spirometry) Testing

Spirometry is recommended for employees exposed to contaminants in the air, i.e isocyanates, dust, silica, and chemicals. OH Well use calibrated Easyone spirometers and registered nurses with advanced respiratory qualifications to complete this testing. Respiratory fit testing services are also provided where your employees are required to wear fitted respirators.

Asbestos Medicals

Are required when any employer is directing employees to undertake restricted work. The asbestos medical must consist of a full occupational history, medical examination, chest X-ray (AP and lateral) and lung function tests (FEV and FVC) within one month of starting employment in the restricted activity. Our health monitoring is only undertaken by registered nurses with additional occupational health qualifications and training so you get the very best of advice and service when your employees are seen. Every employee is then assessed together with the chest X-ray result by an occupational physician. An asbestos medical certificate will be issued following this assessment

Workstation ergonomic assessments

Much workplace pain and discomfort can be avoided with ergonomically sound workstations. We are able to assess existing work areas and provide advice about the setup, design and equipment required to ensure maximum comfort and a pain and injury free workplace.

Drug and Alcohol testing (including synthetic cannabis)

OH Well staff are certified to Unit Standards AS/NZ 25511 & 25458 for the collection and testing of drug samples. Drug screening can be completed for pre employment purposes, reasonable cause testing ,including post incident and random drug testing. OH Well Occupational Health Services can manage the independent selection of staff for random testing for safety sensitive areas. Testing can be completed using approved instant drug test kits or analysis by an approved laboratory. Testing of some forms of synthetic cannabis compounds by instant dip stick method is also offered to companies. We can also assist with Medical Review Officer (MRO) contact and arrange rehabilitation specialists if required.